Wedding Day Beauty Tips: Part 2

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Dec 13, 2023

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Your wedding is the moment to shine and feel like the main character in your very own fairy tale. After our first segment on wedding beauty tips, here’s the much-awaited second installment, focusing on those pivotal final touches that can make all the difference. Let’s dive in!

1. How to Install Your Veil

The bridal veil is an iconic accessory that can make any bride feel special and complete her look. Here’s how to install it properly:

  • Select the Right Comb: Ensure your veil has a comb that matches your hair color and is sturdy enough to stay in place.
  • Position the Comb: Slide the comb into the teased section at the angle you desire. It should feel secure and comfortable.
  • Pin for Extra Security: Use bobby pins that match your hair color to discreetly attach the veil to your hair, crisscrossing them for a stronger hold.

Remember, practicing this with your hairstylist beforehand can ease stress on the big day and ensure a flawless look.

2. How to Cry Like a Kardashian: Press, Do Not Rub

Tears of joy are a beautiful, genuine display of emotion on your wedding day. However, they can play havoc with your makeup. Taking a cue from the Kardashians, here’s how to keep your makeup intact:

  • Be Prepared: Have a handkerchief or soft tissue handy.
  • Gentle Press: Instead of wiping your tears away and smudging your makeup, gently press the tissue against your eyes to absorb the tears.
  • Dab Don’t Drag: Avoid dragging the tissue across your skin. Tap lightly to keep your foundation, concealer, and eye makeup looking fresh.

This method helps prevent ruining your carefully applied makeup, so you look picture-perfect throughout the day.

3. Beauty Touch-Up Kit

Even the best-applied makeup might need a little refreshing. Prepare a beauty touch-up kit:

  • Powder or Blotting Paper: For controlling shine without layering too much product.
  • Lipstick or Gloss: To reapply after eating or kissing.
  • Miniature Perfume: A quick spritz will keep you smelling great all day.
  • A Few Q-Tips & Concealer: For any smudges or corrections.
  • Extra Bobby Pins & Hair Spray: Keep your hairstyle in check.

Having this kit on hand for yourself or your bridal party ensures that everyone can stay flawless from the ceremony to the last dance.

We hope these tips from part two of our Wedding Day Beauty series help you look and feel your absolute best on your special day. From securing your veil like a pro to mastering the art of tear-shedding with grace and preserving your radiance with a beauty kit, you’re now equipped for the ultimate bridal beauty experience.

Stay tuned for Wedding Day Beauty Tips: Part 3!

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