A Glamorous Affair: Stephen & Mariah’s Wedding at Testa Rosa Winery


Oct 19, 2020

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On a picturesque summer day, the beautiful Testa Rosa Winery set the stage for Mariah’s dream wedding. Located amidst rolling vineyards and breathtaking landscapes, the winery provided the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. Amidst this stunning location, Status Salon Beauty Agency worked their magic to create a sleek, editorial look for the radiant bride.

Unveiling Mariah’s Glamorous Transformation

Under the skilled hands of the talented artists at Status Salon Beauty Agency, Mariah’s bridal look was transformed into a vision of elegance and sophistication. The team carefully curated a sleek and editorial style that perfectly complemented the bride’s natural beauty.

With meticulous attention to detail, Mariah’s hair was styled into a refined updo that exuded timeless elegance. The intricate twists and braids perfectly framed her face and showcased the delicate accents of her veil. The expertly applied makeup enhanced Mariah’s features, highlighting her natural glow and ensuring she looked impeccable throughout the entire day.

A Perfect Match: Testa Rosa Winery

As the stunning setting for Mariah’s wedding, Testa Rosa Winery captured the essence of romance and charm. Nestled in the heart of wine country, this picturesque venue boasted idyllic vineyards, rolling hills, and rustic architecture. Every corner of the winery seemed to whisper romance, providing the ideal atmosphere for Mariah and her loved ones to celebrate their special day.

Capturing the Magic: Adriana Klas Photography

To forever encapsulate the precious memories of Mariah’s wedding day, Adriana Klas Photography was behind the lens. With an exceptional eye for detail and a passion for capturing authentic moments of love and joy, Adriana artfully documented every special moment.

From the intimate exchange of vows to the exuberant celebration that followed, Adriana’s photographs painted a vibrant and heartfelt picture of Mariah’s wedding day. With a perfect blend of candid shots and carefully composed portraits, she immortalized the love, beauty, and emotions that filled the air.

Beauty: Status Salon Beauty Agency
Venue: Testa Rosa Winery
Photography: Adriana Klas Photography
Gown: Sareh Nouri

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