Living Proof Heat Styling Spray: A Game-Changer for Salon-Worthy Hair at Home


Mar 11, 2024

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Creating the perfect hairstyle for our clients is an art form that we, at Status Salon, take great pride in. Every once in a while, a product comes along that promises to elevate our craft to new heights. Living Proof’s Heat Styling Spray is such a product. As professionals, we know the damage that heat can inflict on hair health, and it’s our duty to recommend products that protect and enhance hair’s natural beauty. In this review, we take a closer look at this heralded spray to see if it meets our high standards.

Protection is Key

One of the non-negotiables in any heat styling product is the level of protection it provides. Living Proof claims their Heat Styling Spray shields hair up to 450°F/230°C. We put it to the test with various heat tools – from blow dryers to curling wands – and the results were impressive. Clients walked out with hairstyles that not only looked stunning but also felt healthy and undamaged. This spray seems to create an invisible barrier that genuinely keeps the heat at bay.

Weightless Styling

A common complaint with heat protectants is the dreaded “product feel” – that sticky or heavy sensation that weighs hair down. Living Proof has managed to circumvent this issue beautifully. The spray is light as air, and it’s difficult to tell there’s any product in the hair at all. It’s a delight to use for both our stylists and clients, leaving hair with a clean, soft finish.

A Shine Enhancer

Apart from protection, the Heat Styling Spray enhances the look of the hair by adding a subtle, yet noticeable, sheen. It’s just the right amount of shine for a healthy look without veering into the greasy territory. Our clients have been thrilled with the vibrant finish it adds to their styles, illuminating under the lights and enhancing their hair’s natural luster.

Extended Styles

Another promise by Living Proof is the longevity it provides to styled hair. With the unpredictable nature of our days, a hairstyle that can hold up is invaluable. Through our clients’ experiences, we found that curls stayed bouncy and blowouts remained sleek much longer than with other heat protectants. This is a major plus for anyone who doesn’t have the time for daily styling sessions.

Living Up to the Hype?

With a brand name like Living Proof, the stakes are high for each new product they release. The Heat Styling Spray certainly lives up to its expectations and we’re not surprised it’s garnered glowing reviews from consumers and professionals alike. In our salon, we support and endorse products that work – and it’s clear to us that this one does.

This product has earned Status Salon’s seal of approval, and we are confident in recommending it to clients who want to maintain beautiful, healthy hair while styling with heat. Living Proof’s Heat Styling Spray is not just a protective measure; it’s an enhancement to any heat-styling routine. Whether at-home or in the salon, it truly seems to be in a league of its own.

For those wanting to try Living Proof’s Heat Styling Spray for themselves, we have it available at the salon. We can also demonstrate the best way to use it to get the most out of your heat styling sessions. Pop in and let us help you protect and perfect your look with this outstanding product.

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