Beth and David’s Elegant Black Tie Wedding at The Hibernia Bank


Aug 28, 2023

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San Francisco, a city of romance and iconic sights, witnessed the union of Beth and David in a stunning black tie affair that can only be described as the ultimate expression of elegance and style. Set against the backdrop of the grand St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the historic Hibernia Bank, their wedding was a harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair.

The Ceremony: A Spiritual Beginning

The day began with a touching ceremony at the famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cathedral’s magnificent arches and stained glass windows created a serene and holy atmosphere, echoing the love and commitment that Beth and David shared. Friends and family gathered, the pews teeming with anticipation as the couple prepared to exchange vows in this majestic setting.

The Reception: A Night to Remember at The Hibernia Bank

Transitioning from the spiritual ambiance of the cathedral, the celebration moved to the opulent Hibernia Bank for the reception. With its grand banking hall and rich history, The Hibernia Bank offered a truly unique and sophisticated venue for such an upscale event. The bank’s architectural splendor, marked by ornate details and marble columns, was amplified by tailored lighting by Last Wave Productions, creating an enchanting environment.

The reception was not only about the visual spectacle but also the rich blend of tastes provided by Carrie Dove Catering, and the delectable cake from Flour & Bloom Cakes. Floral arrangements by Revel Floral added a touch of nature’s beauty, while Bright Event Rentals and linens from Napa Valley Linens ensured every detail was accounted for.

A Stunning Bride: Hair and Makeup by Status Beauty Agency

A significant highlight of the day was the breathtaking beauty of the bride. Beth, adorned in her exquisite Mori Lee gown from Elegant Lace Bridal, radiated grace and sophistication. However, it was the impeccable work by Status Beauty Agency that put the finishing touches on her stunning appearance.

The professionals at Status Beauty Agency took great care in accentuating Beth’s features. Her hair was styled in an elegant updo that was both chic and timeless, complementing the high neckline of her dress and allowing for her natural beauty to shine. Her makeup was a masterclass in finesse, with soft, romantic tones that highlighted her features and paired perfectly with the sophistication of the event. David, dapper in his suit from Harry Rose Inc., stood out as the perfect counterpart to such a radiant bride.

Entertainment and Moments to Cherish

As the evening progressed, Crowd Theory Entertainment filled the space with melodic tunes, ensuring guests were swaying and spinning throughout the night. Whether it was through a gentle slow dance or an upbeat number that pulled everyone to their feet, the band helped create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Memories were captured expertly by The Edges Wed, who provided photography, and JBJ Pictures, responsible for cinema. Each moment, each glance was documented with a keen eye for storytelling, giving Beth and David tangible memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The Finishing Touches

Every aspect of the day, from the stylish transport provided by Black Tie Transportation to the elegant stationery from Aerialist Press, was meticulously planned and executed by Plan To Be Wowed and The Wedding Detailor. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes ensured that the focus remained on the celebration of love between Beth and David.

As the night drew to a close and the newlyweds made their way through the sea of heartfelt goodbyes, the black tie wedding at The Hibernia Bank stood as a testament to love, beauty, and the magic that can happen when all the right elements come together, especially the unforgettable touch provided by Status Beauty Agency.

Planning & Design | Plan To Be Wowed 
Photography | The Edges Wed
Cinema | JBJ Pictures
Bride’s Attire | Elegant Lace Bridal Mori Lee 
Groom’s Attire | Harry Rose Inc. 
Band | Crowd Theory Entertainment
Beauty | Status Beauty Agency
Cake | Flour & Bloom Cakes
Catering | Carrie Dove Catering
Floral Design | Revel Floral
Lighting | Last Wave Productions
Rentals | Bright Event Rentals 
Linens | Napa Valley Linens
Stylist | The Wedding Detailor
Stationary | Aerialist Press
Transportation | Black Tie Transportation
Ceremony Venue | St. Patricks Cathedral
Reception Venue | The Hibernia Bank

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