Sarah has spent the last 6+ years teaching fitness after obtaining her degree in Kinesiology at SJSU. She decided to take her education a step farther and earned her Personal Training certification. She’s lead many styles of classes including cycling, bootcamp, barre, kickboxing, and dance.

Sarah has a passion for fitness, wellness, and helping clients reach their goals while feeling beautiful. She will encourage you to push a little harder, focus on yourself, and really let go of the world around you while you’re in class. Sarah loves to create her classes around her playlists and use the music to help create a vibe! 

Fun Fact - Sarah grew up dancing competitively. When she went to college she wasn’t ready to give up dancing so she joined the SJSU Spectrum Dance Team, then cheered for the AFL San Jose SaberCats, and finally achieved her ultimate dance goal cheering for the Oakland Raiders!

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Want to get a great workout in without working up a major sweat? Join us for a barre workout where you will focus on one muscle group at a time. You will use light weights with high rep counts to tone and elongate your muscles. Our workouts are great for people of all fitness levels, those with injuries, and even pregnant and postpartum women. Barre is great for improving posture, stabilizing your core, and maintaining flexibility. There are no jumping or high impact movements to prevent added strain on joints and tendons. We start each class with a full body warm up to ensure you are safely ready to take on your workout and we close every class with a stretch to thank your body. You have nothing to loose and confidence to gain, so let's grab those 2 pound dumb bells and get a great burn going!

Join us for a fun, energizing, HIIT, Bootcamp class! You will start with a cardio based warm up to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving. Sarah will lead you through a full body workout designed to leave you feeling exhausted yet accomplished! The workout will vary class to class and will include movements using your body weight, mini bands, and light weight dumbbells. The workout is designed to get your heart rate up with high intensity intervals, followed by some active recovery to lower your heart rate. Every class is closed out with a full body stretch to thank your body for all the work you’re putting in! 

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