Walk with Us: MS WALK Team Danielle

Testimonial by: Danielle Whilhite

“Currently there are 25,000 people in Northern California living with the challenging and life altering disease called Multiple Sclerosis (MS), unfortunately I am one of those people. As a close friend and hairdresser Ms. JD Dennis knows all about my disease and my love for volunteering for the Multiple Sclerosis Walk.

Every year Status Salon graciously gives a percentage of every persons visit to my MS Walk creating a very large donation for the fight against MS. Not only is her heart big but her creative talent is astonishing. I’ve never been so pleased with how my hair looks and feels. What I love most about JD is she is always ahead of the trend. I swear I had feathers and extensions in my hair before anyone even knew what they were! JD is more than a friend and a hairdresser she is a creative rock star!”

-Danielle Whilhite

MS WALK Team Danielle

MS WALK Team Danielle


Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, unpredictable and often disabling disease of the central nervous system. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS vary from one person to another, and may include walking, balance and coordination challenges, fatigue, numbness or issues with memory and concentration.



Dollar by dollar, Walk MS is changing lives. For the whole month of March 2012 Status Salon will be giving 15% proceeds from any Client who mentions TEAM Danielle. Come into Status Salon and invite everyone you know. Together we’ll make progress for those living with MS!

MS Walk


Contact us for more information on how you can contribute to this great cause!